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How to Take Care of Your Lawn in the Summer

summer lawncare tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer heat and weather conditions pose unique challenges for our yards. As the mercury creeps up and rain becomes scarce, it's a critical time for the health of your grass. Follow these tips below to dominate the threats summer brings.


To keep your lawn green and healthy in the summer, make sure you're giving it adequate irrigation each week. Irrigate deeply but infrequently, allowing the grass to dry out between waterings (rainfall or irrigation).

If your lawn does go into dormancy due to the heat, it will turn brown and crispy which cool-season lawns are prone to do (even if we don't always want that to happen). That's generally ok but it can leave an opening for weeds and it is advised to minimize traffic on dormant lawns.

Irrigate Deep.

To ensure water soaks deeply into the soil, water 2-4 times per week. This will help build a deeper root system that makes for a hardier and more resilient yard. Water should penetrate the soil 4-8 inches deep in the soil. For sandy soils you will want to irrigate more often but to a lower depth.

Rise and water.

Early morning is the best window for irrigating your lawn to avoid daytime evaporation. Watering in the evening can create conditions that make your yard susceptible to disease.

High and tight.

Mow your grass higher in the summer and make sure your mower blades are sharp. The taller grass will provide shade and allow the soil to maintain more moisture. It also bullies shorter weeds and helps prevent them from germinating and spreading like a swarm of cicadas.

It's your yard, don't let weeds push it around.

Mind the traffic.

Your yard is going to be under stress and heavy traffic can add a heavy load to your grass. If you have a BBQ or backyard get-together, try to avoid heavy traffic on the lawn for a couple of days. Keep items off your lawn as it will take longer for your yard to recover in the summer months. Move those cornhole boards off the grass kids.


June is a good month to apply a dose of lawn nutrients to prepare your yard for summer. A high-quality fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen will give your yard the fuel it needs to sustain itself until the temps drop. Our lawnDOMINATOR and swardSTAR products provide high percentages of slow-release nitrogen and other vital nutrients to give your grass a leg up on summer.

Self Care.

Most importantly, take care of yourself to take care of your lawn. It's going to get hot. Take breaks, hydrate, and wear sunscreen while working on your yard and in your garden. Try to plan your mowing and other lawn chores when the weather isn't scorching hot and pace yourself.

Dominate Your Lawn This Summer

Our convenient fertilizer subscription programs make it easy to have a healthy and beautiful lawn. Following these programs will help keep your lawn looking sharp from when it wakes up in the spring through fall dormancy. So go out there and own your yard this year.

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