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owning your yard like a boss

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Choose from the lawn fertilizer subscription programs below to begin owning your yard and have the fertilizer you need delivered to your door.

We offer a range of options across three different programs to accommodate your yard care goals. Whether you're just cutting your teeth and trying to get a greener, healthier lawn or you're ready to conquer your lawn and take your maintenance skills to the next level. All lawn programs provide products throughout the year to make your lawn start off strong in the spring and stay healthy each season. Just choose your program and your yard size below and the products will arrive on your doorstep when you need to apply them throughout the year. All prices include shipping.

Yard Boss™

Yard owner starter pack. Manage your yard like a boss with this introductory 3 application lawn program. The practical, budget friendly lawn maintenance option for the busy homeowner looking to keep a healthy lawn throughout the season. Start your lawn off with a nutrient boost shortly after spring emergence, feed it in late spring, and send it to bed healthy in the fall for a strong re-emergence the following spring.

  1. April: Kickstart my Yard™ 26-0-0
  2. June: Sward Star™ 24-4-12
  3. September: Lay Down the Lawn™ 25-5-15
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Yard Conqueror™

A comprehensive four application lawn program that spans from March to September. Throw down early as your lawn emerges from dormancy and keep a steady nutritional program throughout the year to push your lawn's overall health and performance. Creates a vigorous lawn capable of withstanding nearly anything the season brings. Fend off heat, disease, insects, and other lawn issues by growing a resilient and well-fed yard. A balanced lawn nutrition program delivered to your door throughout the year in a convenient, budget friendly package. Our most popular program.

  1. March: Kickstart my Yard™ 26-0-0
  2. May: Dr. Fe Good™ 25-3-3
  3. June: Sward Star™ 24-4-12
  4. September: Lay Down the Lawn™ 25-5-15
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Yard King™

Now you're not just owning your yard, but ruling your swarded realm with five nutrient rich applications. Push your lawn's performance all season long and receive five fertilizer applications throughout the year. This program kicks off early as your lawn comes out of dormancy to push growth, health, and the ability to fend off weeds and other challenges throughout the year. This program also features a late spring application of Lawn Dominator™ - a fertilizer formulation designed to make your yard more resilient to the summer heat and bounce back more vigorously at the end of summer. Give your yard the royal treatment with YARDking™ -- packing more annual turf nutrition than any other program.

  1. March: Kickstart my Yard™ 26-0-0
  2. April: Dr. Fe Good™ 25-3-3
  3. June: Lawn Dominator™ 33-3-6
  4. August: Sward Star™ 24-4-12
  5. October: Lay Down the Lawn™ 25-5-15
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