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Lawn Fertilizer Subscriptions

Do-it-Yourself Yard Ownership

How Sward Yard™ Fertilizer Subscription Lawn Programs Work

You’ve been carefully examining the colorful packaging adorned with starbursts, snazzy graphics, and fine print. What does it all mean? Is this the right fertilizer? Is 15lbs too little? 50lbs too much? Which is best, the yellow bag or the green bag? Will this giant bag even fit in the shopping cart without crushing the eggs?

No more wandering around the home and garden aisle in search of the right product in a one-size-fits-all package, uncertain if it’s going to work for your lawn or climate, or wondering if you’ve already missed the window for applying the product. Owning your yard just got easier.

why own a yard?

do-it-yourself yard ownership

lawn nutrition delivered when you need it

Lawn Nutrition Delivered When You Need It

You receive lawn nutrition products throughout the year in the amount your lawn needs at the optimal time your yard needs nutrition. Our convenient lawn care subscription plans offer 3 (Yard Boss™), 4 (Yard Conqueror™), or 5 (Yard King™) applications throughout the growing season for Idaho lawns. 

You can also find a selection of high quality products available on demand in our store if you want to enhance your program at any time throughout the year. It's never been easier to own your yard.

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Owning Your Yard Made Easy

Life is busy enough. Receive high-quality fertilizer products delivered to your door when you need them and in the amount you need for a lush, healthy lawn. Take the delivered lawncare product, drop it in the spreader, and roll across the yard. Then it’s a well earned cold one from the cooler on the deck.

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owning your yard made easy

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