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General Lawn Care Tips

tips for a green and healthy lawn

Simple, Easy-to-Follow Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Love your yard and it will love you back. Read the easy-to-follow tips below and you'll be well on your way to owning your yard this year.



Provide your yard with plenty of water to keep it well hydrated. Like rock stars, plants drink their nutrients. Maintain at least 1 inch of water per week for the healthiest lawn (rainfall + irrigation).



To ensure water soaks deeply into the soil apply irrigation infrequently to a depth of 4-8". This will help build a deeper root system that makes for a hardier yard. Clay and loam soils need less frequent watering than sandy soil.



Early morning is the best window for irrigation to avoid daytime evaporation. Watering in the evening can create conditions that make your yard susceptible to disease.



Do not cut more that ⅓ of the grass blade in one mow. If your lawn is channeling its inner Willie Nelson, raise your mower deck and cut ~⅓ then come back several days later with a lower deck and cut the grass further. In the summer it is advised to keep the grass a little longer.


Don't fall into a routine with your mowing direction. Change up the direction you mow your yard each time and you'll see a fuller, thicker canopy.



Mow your lawn before applying fertilizer so that the granules will reach the soil more readily. This will maximize the efficiency of the product you apply and your effort. Do the same if you are planning on over-seeding your lawn in the fall.


Bonus: Feed your yard with high quality fertilizer

Cool-season grass plants need 3-6 lbs of nitrogen each year to sustain healthy growth and a dense, strong turf. Choose one of our convenient fertilizer subscriptions and get everything you need to feed your lawn delivered to your door throughout the growing season.


A little TLC goes a lawn way with the performance of your lawn. Follow these tips, make sure your yard is well fed and hydrated and you'll see the difference in no time.


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At Least 1 Inch of Water Per Week

IRRIGATE 2-4 Times Per Week

Encourages deeper root growth, making your grass more resilient.


Prevents daytime evaporation.


Allows the grass to grow more vertically and won't make it lay down. Also eliminates rutting and compaction in your soil.


Are awesome. This has nothing to do with your yard, but dang they're cool.


Clear the way for the turf nutrition.

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weed control for cool season lawns.

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