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Is this safe for pets and kids?

Yes, our fertilizer products are safe for both kids and pets. None of the products should be ingested and they should be stored in a safe location where dogs and curious kids won't chow it down. Once the fertilizer is spread evenly across your yard the odds of your dog ingesting enough to do any harm is extremely unlikely. However, the general guidance is to wait 24 hours after application to let both kids and pets back onto the lawn.

What exactly is a Sward?


1. Land covered with grassy turf.

2. A lawn or meadow.

"The moonlight on the lawn was tremulous, as if the sward were a rippling sea." - Ambrose Bierce

Therefore a Sward Yard is a lushly covered, grassy yard.

Which product should I use?

Each product we offer provides versatile formulations that will work in a variety of conditions and application timings. To achieve optimal performance the products work best when applied as part of one of our programs. These programs are designed to exploit the agronomic benefits of each product shine throughout the year. For example, the dual nitrate/ammonium nitrogen of the aptly named kickstart my YARD™ is best suited for the first application in the spring. Meanwhile the high percent of potassium in the also aptly named lay down the LAWN makes it well suited for the final application in the fall to winterize your grass.

Ok, But Which Program is Right For Me?

Each program offers a solid agronomic option that will improve the health of your yard when used as directed. Even YARD boss with just 3 annual applications will provide a boost to your lawn. YARD conqueror™ will kick the performance up a notch with an additional application and gets started earlier in the year. YARD king™  provides you with a whopping 5 annual applications delivering the pinnacle of yard beauty and health. It's up to you how many applications you want to make and your preference level in balancing performance vs maintenance.

How do I apply my product?

Each shipment comes with detailed instructions for applying your product. That's part of our promise to make owning your yard as easy and stupid proof as possible. You can also search for spreader settings and learn how to calibrate your spreader (if you're really particular) by visiting our Spreader-Settings page.

What happens when my yard is 3500, 6000, 9000 sq. ft.?

If your yard is not exactly 2500, 5000, 7500, 10000 sq. ft. (which is likely), you have a couple of options. Depending on which program you choose, you could go down to the  next lowest option and apply at a lower rate to achieve coverage of your entire yard. The tradeoff would be a little less nutrition and turf response across the entire area. The other option is to go up in yard size, apply at the labeled rate and follow up in 4-6 weeks with the remaining product in a split application. This would be a good method to follow if you are on the yardBOSS program which is designed with only 3 applications over the growing season. 

Do you offer organic options?


Will this fertilizer work in my garden?

Generally speaking, no. You will see a response in your garden if you apply our products, but they are not agronomically suited for growing veggies and other garden plants. These products contain higher levels of nitrogen which would trigger growth in the plants but not necessarily promote flowering and fruiting which is what you want in your typical garden plant. We are looking into a line of agronomically adapted garden fertilizers to make it as easy to own your garden as it is to own your yard, so stay posted.

I do not want to mow, should I fertilize?

Your lawn needs proper nutrition to grow into its full potential. Without a proper balance of nutrients it will become susceptible to disease, drought, pests, heat, peer pressure and other stressors and can cause it to become an eyesore or even die. Applying fertilizer will strengthen the lawn's root system while also fortifying your soil. Our products and programs are designed to maximize the health of your yard without triggering excessive growth. Will you have to mow? Yes. However, by using slow-release products at key times of the year our programs will yield a nice looking, healthy green yard without going overboard on mowing. For example, in swardSTAR™ 24-4-12 66% of the nitrogen is in a slow-release form and will gradually feed your lawn rather than dumping all of the nitrogen at once. Iron also helps with green-up which is why a product like Dr. Fe Good™ 25-3-3 +7% Iron makes such a good application choice in mid-late spring.

How did you make such an awesome product?

A combination of clean living, eating right, lot's of rock and roll, caffeine, and a passion for yards. Learn more about us here.

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