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About Us

Who We Are

Learn more about the Sward Yard crew.

We're people just like you. We love having friends and family gather in the backyard to enjoy meat from the smoker or grill and a few cold beverages while the little ones scamper around on the grass.

After working in the fertilizer industry helping deliver high quality products and programs to golf courses and professional landscapers, our founder asked why those same top-of-the-line products couldn't be delivered to consumers. And why is buying fertilizer and other yard products such a pain? After using these professional-grade products on his own lawn and seeing the results, the idea hit.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to become experts in agronomy and soil biology.

We just want a good looking yard that stays healthy throughout the year. While we're willing to put in the work we'd rather be enjoying our yards more and working on them less. We also don't want to just have a yard, we want to own our yard.

Enter Sward Yard™ -- the easy, stupid proof answer to owning a yard you can take pride in.




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healthy green grass


healthy green grass

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